Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Finance, patrons and supporters

As a self-help organisation, the Federal Association of Families of People with Mental Illness (BApK) funds the work defined in its statutes predominantly from four sources:

  • through membership subscription fees and supporting member fees
  • through income from special-purpose companies
  • through donations
  • through flat-rate funding from all-type health insurance companies of the GKV for self-help at the federal level in accordance with § 20 h SGB V
  • through individual project funding from health insurance companies in accordance with §20 h SGB V

The BApK operates

  • as the co-owner of Psychiatrie- und Balance-Verlag (almost 10%)
  • as the co-publisher of the magazine Psychosoziale Umschau (PSU)
  • as the co-operator of the psychiatry network

No revenues are generated from these participations.

We are also dependent on funding for the realisation of our projects. We thank all those who by their grants have enabled us to carry out such projects.

In 2016, these were:

The Federal Ministry of Health for the following project:

"The Development of Collaboration Agreements between Psychiatric Hospitals as well as the organisers of psychiatric services in the community, and families as part of quality assurance"

The statutory health insurance company BKK Dachverband e.V. and BKK Landesverband Nordwest on the state level for

  • the support of the "SeeleFon für Flüchtlinge" (telephone hotline for mentally ill refugees) which was launched in October 2016

 Barmer / GEK for

                  the children's book project, "Anton, die Schildkröte" (Anton the Turtle)

 You can find further information in our 2016 annual report.

In addition, we thank all those who have supported us in many different ways, e.g.

  • through their expertise
  • by waiving their speaking fees and giving printing permissions,
  • making rooms available free of charge
  • but also through their advice and encouragement

and especially our supporting members and donors.

Details about Funding (in German only)

It goes without saying for us that we handle the funds entrusted to us as frugally and cost-effectively as possible.

For that reason, we are publishing the following overview showing revenues and expenditure for the individual business areas. (Annual Reports)