Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

"Knowledge - Skills - Action" - Trainings

Lifelong learning is always talked about. With the "Knowledge - Skills - Action" training, the family self - help Psychiatrie offers counselors from the self - help competence extension to mental illnesses and their coping. Together with the statutory health insurance company Barmer GEK, the family self-help Psychiatrie offered active persons from self-help a forum to approach and deepen questions and topics from the psychiatric context.

Social change also does not pass by (psychiatric) the self-help movement. Therefore, it is the task of the organized self-help to provide orientation to the helpers on the ground by setting the topics. This is because they result from the requirements and experiences of the volunteer consultants, who are active as group leaders, in telephone or e-counseling.

The many years of practical experience gained during the consultation should also be made available to others. This is why the exchange of experiences between people from self-help is at the top of the agenda. Objectives of the advanced training "Knowledge - skills - acting" are not only the assurance and improvement of the consulting quality. The active members are given the opportunity to reflect on their own consulting activities and to motivate themselves for a sustained commitment.

>For example, you will find the program "Training - Knowledge - Action" from 2015: