Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

"Tools for Challenging Moments"

A Project was concerned with the aggression of mentally ill people in the home environment

Relatives of mentally ill people often feel left alone. This feeling can be exacerbated up to the overwork. This can be the case when aggression - whether physical or verbal - is added. Members of the family believe that they do not know the mentally ill people anymore. Communicative skills and physical protection mechanisms help to cope with dicey situations.

With the project "What to do - in conflicts and aggression in families with a mentally ill relatives?", the Federal Association of Persons with Mental Disorders (BApK) in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) has looked at the silent suffering of the relatives in their domestic environment.

In the context of an online survey, those responsible have found that no verbal and physical conflicts occur in 80 to 90% of affected families. Once again, this shows that mental illness can not necessarily be equated with an increased aggressiveness. There is great uncertainty in families when aggression or violence occurs.

How should I react? What can I do to de-escalate a tense situation? What are the indications for the prevention of escalations? By answering questions of this kind the BApK wants to give tools to families in order to prove themselves in challenging moments. With the brochure "What to do - in conflicts and aggression in families with mentally ill relatives?" The BApK has set a milestone that has attracted attention in the self-help scene and in the psychiatric world. De-escalation training provides practical support, where affected people learn about the background and train life-oriented exercises.

In the encounter with mentally ill people it makes sense to reflect escalating and escalated situations again and again. The joint project of BApK and BMG is not aimed to blame anyone. It is much more important to describe for people who are affected by a mental illness, ways to enable win-win situations for all involved parties.

If you are interested in the brochure "What to do - in conflicts and aggression in families with a mentally ill relative?", You can order them from the BApK:

The project is funded by DAK Health Insurance