Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

"Working Against the Stigma in the Media"

In the public, people with mental illness have traditionally had a hard time. The impression is repeatedly made that media clichés are used when dealing with people who are mentally ill. The result is a persistent stigma of people whose souls are out of balance.

For this reason the " Aktionsbündnis Seelische Gesundheit " ("Action Alliance Mental Health") and the Federal Association of Psychiatry-Experienced Persons (BPE) have launched the media project "Promoting the Enlightenment of Mental Illnesses in the Media and Journalism".

At the centre of the media project are antistigma interventions. Possibilities should be created for a more differentiated and positive presentation of people with mental illness in the media. Thus, journalists had the opportunity to meet with affected, relatives and experts. Thus, in the same way basic information about mental illnesses and their treatment options have been shown. Journalists had the opportunity to listen to personal experiences related to mental illness.

If you would like to know more about the media project of the Action Alliance for Health, the BApK and the BPE: