Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Anti-stigma work

Mental illness can affect anyone. It is not possible to foresee the experiences a person will go through in life. Just as it is not possible to constantly have successful methods on hand to overcome them. Thus, every person can be vulnerable.

But still many people who suffer from a mental illness and their relatives bear the brunt of prejudice and discrimination. That’s why it is an important goal for psychiatric self-help at local, regional and national level to work towards acceptance for mental illness.

It is important to stand up for the issues affecting the mentally ill and keep campaigning in psychosocial and political networks at all levels.

How can this be achieved? The aim is to ensure that the experiences of those affected are clear and transparent. This is being done through the BApK, its associations in the various German states and its regional memberships by establishing contact with

  • potential new members,
  • representatives of the healthcare system,
  • communal facilities,
  • politicians and potential sponsors
  • and “the media”.