Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Chairperson of the Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen (BApK) e.V.

As a family self-help psychiatric association, the Bundesverband and its members, the 8,000 members of 15 state associations, work at all political and social levels to improve the situation of people with mental illness and their families.

The BApK looks back on more than 30 years of self-help activities, and has become established in national politics and through collaborations and focus projects with federal ministries, state health insurers, professional associations, welfare organizations, and other associations. Our goal has been and still is educating people about mental illness and thereby de-stigmatizing mental disorders. Working side by side with other associations, we want to continue to lead the fight for the social and legal equality of people suffering from somatic and mental illness. Our first concern is to achieve the best possible psychiatric and psycho-social care of the mentally ill, always focusing on their quality of life and the latest research findings, and taking patients and their families seriously. We are committed to creating a low-threshold, community-based, and interconnected network of care services that serves the individual needs of mentally ill patients and is financed by the primary funding agencies.

On the following pages, you will get to know our work, our goals, and our team. Families, patients, and anyone interested in our association will find information about us and our services, tips for coping with mental illness, and the addresses of further organizations.

Kind regards,

Gudrun Schliebener