Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Series of seminars: Mental Illness in the Workplace

Mental illnesses in the workplace are certainly a challenge. On the one hand such illnesses seem the result of pushing employees to the limits of their endurance through the intensification of work processes and the focus on efficiency in companies. On the other hand  there are people working in companies who experience extreme psychological vulnerability.

That’s why the supervisors, but also the colleagues of people affected need strategies on how to deal with the vulnerabilities of individuals. With its series of seminars “Mentally Ill at Work”, the BApK in conjunction with the umbrella organisation of company health insurance funds (BKK-Dachverband) wants to create a situation from which all those involved can benefit.

Speakers come into the companies themselves to discuss preventative measures and give action recommendations for handling mentally ill persons and challenging situations.

The better informed everyone is and the earlier intervention is made in the case of mental illness, the more likely it is that the effects can be limited – for the sufferer but also for the company and social care system.

The competences and experiences of the self-help organisation Familien-Selbsthilfe Psychiatrie in dealing with mental illness and mentally ill persons are shared with participants directly in the seminars, so that their knowledge gained through years of experience gets to exactly where it is needed.

In addition to the seminar events we also offer the booklet “Mentally Ill at Work. What to do?” as a practical guide. [ more ]