Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Seminars and Information Events

The seminar “Mentally Ill at Work” is an on-site measure. Events are held as in-house seminars in close cooperation with the companies and tailored to their specific needs. Experts from the self-help organisation for families dealing with psychiatric issues, Familien-Selbsthilfe Psychiatrie, and specialists in the promotion of workplace health from the umbrella organisation of the association of company health insurance funds (BKK-Dachverband) not only encourage understanding for the mentally ill, but also develop action recommendations for difficult situations relevant to the specific circumstances. Talks by trained sufferers of mental illness and/or their relatives complete the portfolio of the seminar “Mentally Ill at Work”.

It is the very authenticity of sufferers and their relatives, their experiences in self-help and their knowledge and competence which enable people in the world of work to gain an insight into mental illness and help break down their prejudices against those affected by it.

The seminar modules

  • Basic introduction to mental illnesses
  • Effects of mental illness on the work situation
  • Early warning signs
  • Treatment options
  • Management functions – leadership responsibility
  • Action guide for crisis situations
  • Action guide for the return to work
  • Information on external help available

In view of the considerable increase in mental illnesses, the seminars provide information, support and assistance for all those in the world of work and thus the chance for companies to pursue new avenues in promoting good health through self-help, retain competent employees within the company and establish a working climate in which promoting good health includes mental health.