[Translate to English:] Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen


Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Annual reports / review of the year - "Proven performance"

The annual reports of the Federal Association of Families of People with Mental Illness (BApK) represent the proven performance of the psychiatric self-help association. They show its activities on the national stage to the sponsors or funding bodies, the state associations in the BApK, supporting members and the public. The list of annual reports and finances is a requirement forming part of its duty of disclosure and the need for transparency. They show how valuable the work performed by representatives of the families in the various governing bodies and in different projects is. We will be delighted if you are interested in the BApK's activities in the psychiatric landscape and devote time to the annual reports, year reviews or the exciting sphere of finance.