Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V.

Come on, Let's Save the World

There are so many possibilities, to have fun. Why should you engage in your free time just for others. We think there are pretty good reasons for that:

  1. Our world is not perfect. Surely there is something that bothers you. Maybe it's environmental degradation or poverty or injustice. In volunteering you can find out what is important to you and realize your ideas.
  2. Helping makes you happy. It's a nice feeling to be there for someone else or to work for a cause without expecting financial compensation.
  3. Gain experience. Choosing a job can be quite difficult. How should you know if you really enjoy something, if you have not tried it before? In volunteering, you can take a close look at your dream job and give it a verdict.
  4. We are one together. People who work together for a cause, get to know many people. This results often in the best friendships. But there are also discussions and often compromises have to be found. Once you've learned that, it's a big advantage.
  5. Get better. Surely you have many talents. In volunteering, you can prove them and acquire additional new skills.
  6. Be you. Anyone who volunteers will stand out from the others and shows their personality.

    Are you interested? But you're still wondering why you should do volunteer work in self-help? And then with one of the associations of the members of mentally ill people? Maybe because you think it's important to talk openly about depression and eating disorders. Because you think nobody should be stigmatized because of a mental illness. And because you want to be there when we want to draw attention to our goals with youtube videos, interviews and other campaigns.

    Well, do not stop and just call us. Together we save the world!

Kerstin Trostmann
Speaker for Press and Public Relations

E-Mail: trostmann.bapk(at)
Tel.: +49 228 71002404