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Internet platform for networking and public relations work for self-help in psychiatry

Covering everything, from anxiety disorders to obsessive-compulsive disorders,

Everywhere, from Aachen to Zwickau,

For everyone, from relatives to immigrants …

What we want

"Empowerment", "Experts on our own account", "Peer to peer concepts” – these are catchwords often used in connection with self-help, by professionals as well as by political representatives. The experience and skills of those affected and their relatives should be better used – to the benefit of those affected and to improve the care system.

Many self-help organizations have committed themselves to such objectives. However, what is often missing is the networking between such organizations, the unmistakable voice of self-help for its goals and demands, support and solidarity for its rights. That is why the Family Self-help Psychiatry, supported by the Federal Health Ministry, has taken the initiative to raise awareness for self-help and its effectiveness in public. Organizations and groups from the field of mental health and psychological illnesses interested in cooperation have the opportunity of presenting themselves.

The platform is intended to provide everyone with the opportunity of linking up with other groups, whether on a regional basis in order to coordinate dates for events, or on a national basis to find partners in a specific state for certain issues and political demands, or on a topic-related basis such as helping children in a family with a psychologically ill parent, or concerning questions which arise within conflicts in a group.

What we do

We continuously seek to gain companions in psychiatric self-help, to prepare an overview of offers available and to set up discussion forums. On contrast to many other web-based offers, the aim of this project is to operate the platform actively, to approach those involved, to take on and to provide ideas, to present forums and to initiate extension based on needs. During this process an information platform develops step by step for people looking for a suitable self-help point of contact.

The fact that the voice of self-help often remains unheard – perhaps because it’s too quiet – the effectiveness and help for those affected is often overlooked and, despite unmistakable commitments to “Empowerment“ and “Trialog“ in practice, many psychologically ill persons and their relatives have never heard the term ”self-help” from those treating them, all this is an incentive and an obligation for us to counteract this situation by means of our own commitment.

How you can participate in the network

If you wish to participate in the network, you can register here. Please inform us of your name and telephone number: our colleague, Kerstin Riemenschneider, will then contact you. It is useful, but not essential, if you specify the name of your group or your organization and write a few lines about the objectives and offers provided – or whatever you consider to be important. This contact is completely non-binding; we guarantee confidentiality. So, simply contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.